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LOKKLatch  Magnetic
from  D&D Technologies

* It has a Unique Push/Pull Action
* It is a Magnetic Gate Lock- Self locks
* Operates & Locks from both sides of gate front
   and back
* Dual, re-keyable 6-pin locks, can be keyed to the 
  your house key -
Locksmith is required to cut.
* It has adjustment both Vertical & horizontal
Overcomes ground movement and gate sag
* No visible fasteners making it very secure.
* Ideal for any square - post gates
* Easy to install with instruction inside pack
FK436    Keyed Different  $88.00
post hole
Drill a hole
Then install
Instruction how to install LOKKLatch Magnetic
Lokk Latch Magnetic Black Trim
Lokk Latch Magnetic Brushed Chrome Trim
Lokk Latch Magnetic Chrome Trim
Black Handle Trim Model
Brushed Chrome Handle Trim Model
Chrome Handle Trim Model
Ideal for
Aluminum Gates
Colorbond Gates
Timber Gates
Steel Gates


Gate Gap - 10-32mm

Ideal Gate Gap - 19mm
between Post and Gate

Fits most Post

From 38mm up to 150mm deep
Lock and unlock from Both Sides
Keyed Different - Means You can only use that key for that lock only, it will not open any other lock

Keyed Alike - means You can purchase many locks and that key will be the same cut and can open many of the same locks, eliminates having to have the locks cut to the same key, Very handy if you require 2 or more locks, no need to take the locks and have them cut by a Locksmith.
FK437    Keyed Aliked  $108.00
FK434    Keyed Different  $88.00
FK435    Keyed Aliked  $108.00
FK438    Keyed Different  $88.00
FK439    Keyed Aliked  $108.00
Download Brochure for the Lokklatch Magnetic lock
lokk latch lock magnetic
lokklatch magnetic installed on a gate

LOKKLatch Magnetic - A Gate Lock for Timber or Steel

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LokkLatch MAGNETIC Latch

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