V goove wheels
jockey wheels
U groove wheels
jockey wheel for gates
More details on the jockey wheels
U shape floor track
U Groove
Manufactured Rail
Above ground track
More details on the sliding gate U Groove wheels
This style of wheel and track is most popular
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How To
V Groove slding gate wheels

Let's select the Right Type of Wheel for your Sliding Gate

V Groove
Make your own Track with Angle Steel 
V groove sliding gate wheel
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How To
selecting floor track
Selecting a sliding gate wheel can be difficult there are 2 types in U groove and V groove wheels  1. Internal 2. External - Internal means that most of the wheels is housed inside the bottom rail where as the external gate wheel you can see all of the wheel. I have illustrated the required steel to use for the bottom rail after you select whether you need U or V groove wheels. Go ahead select you wheel of your choice.
More details on the sliding gate floor track
U groove sliding gate wheel
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