Single Station 12V - $1155.00
Someone turns up at your front gate, they simply press the button on the intercom, it will dial the first number and if no one answers it dials the second and so forth, you answer the call talk to them and then you can press a button on your mobile and let them in.
GSM Stand alone unit
GSM - Wireless Kit - 12V Solar

ET230  $1595.00
solar panel to operate GSM intercom
GSM Kit - Solar
20 Watt Solar Panel
10 Amp Deep Cycle Battery


•  Volume adjustment.
•  Robust anti-vandal unit.   
•  Stainless-steel push button.
•  Weatherproof IP55 enclosure.
•  Easy installation – four wires only.
•  Wireless Intercom with no range limit.
•  Operation voltage: Solar
•  Wireless programming by phone from anywhere.
•  Guiding talking system enabling easy programming.
•  Dialing up to three phone numbers when the call button is pressed.   
•  Opening the gate with mobile phone with no cost of a call for up to 999 users
How this smart system works 
This  GSM  wireless  intercom  system  can  save  you  enormous  hours  of labor in installation and kilometers of wiring. The installation of the unit is very easy and requires connection to power supply and a connection of two wires to command the gate to open. The unit requires a SIM card to be used to make calls to the house. 
This Hi-Tech talking system, will notify the visitors to wait as soon as the call button is pressed and then will call the fist phone number which was stored in memory of the system for the house (for example the land line). The owner can answer the call and talk with the visitor and open the gate by pressing the # key on his phone. The system will automatically hang up if the call was not answered by the owner and try the second and third additional phone numbers which were programmed  into  the  system.    This  smart  unit  will  announce:  “Your  call was not answered – please try later” if the three attempts of calling were not  answered.  The  unit  can  be  programmed  for  the  number  of  rings  it should wait before it hangs up the call and dials the next number to avoid getting to a message bank or an answering machine.    
Access Control
The  system  enables  up  to  999  users  to  open  the  gate  with  their  mobile phone from any distance with no limit of range and with no cost of a call.
Service Free Maintenance 
All the programming of the system can be done on site or wirelessly by the Master Phone number that can be set in the system.
GSM Gate controller
12 months warranty
Range of Gate Locks
Sliding gate motor
Safety Photo Beams for Gates
steel post
keypads for gates
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GSM Wireless intercom for Solar Gates

Communicator GSM - with no range limits - DIY installation GSM Solar
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