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self closing hinges for pedestrain gates
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Stainless Steel self closing hinges
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Self Closing Hinges

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push plate self closing hinge
Weldon Self Closing
As we live in a busy world these days gates that close are becoming the norm an open gate is asking for trouble - Pets, children and intruders, Fit a self closing hinge on your gate today and stay safer.
  Product Category -  Gate Closer and a Self Closing Hinge built in together.
These two products allows you to control the speed of closing and latching - 3 year warranty
Gate weight upto 150 kg Gate width max 1.5 m
Gate swing 180°

Rice $685.00
mammoth gate closer
Gate Closer &
Hinge in One
Gate weight upto 75kg
Gate width max 1.1 m
Gate swing 180°

Price $452.00
locinox gate closer Tiger
Gate Closer &
Hinge in One
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