Steel gate frame
DIY gate frames finished
Large DIY gate frame
Great job of a steel gate frame
using a steel gate frame for a carboard
Greg used one of our frames for his
lock away tools shed - Good one
Gate frame with gate post
Good Work John!
John purchased a set of driveway frames from us.
3 posts and 2 DIY panels.
Before Timber is attach to gate frame
Steel gate frame finished
Good One Mark!
Mark purchased a DIY frame from us, but the installation required raising the hinges on the left side by 250mm, while the hinges on the right side had to be lifted by 110mm.
Excellent job Mark!
All of the pictures you see in our library are from customers who installed their own gates, and attached the timber themselves! We only supplied the DIY frame!
After timber has been attached to gate Frame
Powder Coated gate frame with post and fence panel
Nice work Luke
Go For It!
You will certainly surprise yourself!
List of professions of the clients who have purchased DIY gate kits from us:
Office workers
Truck driver
IT Engineer
Manager Director
Factory workers
School Teacher

DIY Gate frame kit

DIY Photo Library

A Collection of DIY Gate Frames Customers have Installed and Cladded their Gates

Driveway gate with side panels
Altertive to timber plastic wood for a gate
Gate Frame
Front view of a DIY gate frame
Rising hinge gate closed
steel gate frame with rising hinges
Diy Sliding gate with a DIY Fence panel
This picture shows how Danny placed our DIY fence panel, recessing it back to highlight the plants. Danny also purchased a DIY sliding gate kit from us, which he cladded himself!
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