Rising hinge
Prison Hinge
Ball Bearing Hinge
D&D Self Closing Hinge
Stainless Butt Hinge
pipe to pipe hinges
Bearing Hinge
round post gate hinge
Chain fencing Hinges
Chain mesh fencing hinges
Prison Hinges
Very Common on gates today also know as barrel hinges.

Self Closing Hinges
Spring tension hinges that automatically close after opening the gate.
Bearing Hinges
Heavy Duty hinges for Heavy weighted Gate.
Rising Hinges

Designed for gates when opening need to lift up the gate
Shackle Hinges
Most are Welded on but very strong ideal for welding onto round post and round gate frames can be used on Trailers gates
invisible hinge
Stainless Steel Hinges
Heavy Duty hinges for Heavy weighted Gate.
adjustable hinge
adjustable hinge with plate

Gate Hinge

Farm Gate Hinge

Types of Gate Hinges

Invisible Hinges
Stock Yard Hinges
Cattle and Sheep yard Hinges
stock yard hinges
how a invisible hinge works
Gate hinges come in many forms for different applications, They are mainly made from steel with many forms of coating such as galvanize and Zinc, Just recently we have able to secure Stainless steel hinges single and double action where the hinge allows the Gate/Door to swing both ways,
Not all gate hinges can be Galvanized as the actual pivot mechanism needs to be honed out for a tight fit, Zinc plating only adds  0.0001”- 0.0005”to the surface where as Hot dipped galvanized adds in some cases 2-3mm and any working part of the gate hinge becomes un-workable. There are hinges that have been developed using polymer (combining synthetic plastics) very strong and have are low maintenance some gate hinges from D&D Technologies can carry weights up to 450kg as this is not recommend as the self closing action does not function properly for long periods after 70kg, these gates hinges from D&D Technologies are a great solution in a seaside environment.
Strap Hinges some times known as hook and band are ideal for timber gates they offer a strap and the holes are off set so the timber won't spilt, a better solution would be to have a plate on each side rather. Hook and band style hinges offer adjustment in the case of timber gates sagging or twisting.
Light Gate Hinges
Custom hinges are for those people who need custom designed hinges instead of off the shelf hinges. These can be butt hinges, continuous hinges, industrial hinges, or any other type of hinge.

Light Gate Hinge
Timber Strap Hinge
Strap Hinge
Strap Hinges
Strap hinges come in a variety of styles and sizes, including wrought iron strap hinges and gate strap hinges, ideal for timber gates.
Adjustable Hinges
Great for gates where ground movement moves the post or pillar at times, all you need to do is simply grab the wrench and a few turns and the gates are level again
Adjustable Hinges
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