Bolt-On Quick Exit Digital Access

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Digital Gate Lock Single Sided
10mm flat bar -30mm x 30mm gate frame, left Hand

Code: GL060
Digital Gate Lock Single Sided
10mm flat bar  -30mm x 30mm gate frame, Right Hand

Code: GL062
Digital Gate Lock Single Sided
40 - 60mm gate frame, Left Hand

Code: GL064
Digital Gate Lock Single Sided
40 - 60mm gate frame, Right Hand

Code: GL066
FRONT - This Gate to open needs to be pulled towards you.  
BACK - I taken a sheet of Gal Steel and enlarge the cut out for the lock so I can fix a small piece up against the lock so I can slide it in. The Gap between the steel is 40mm.
gatemaster digital gate lock front view
Range of Gate Locks
steel post
Range of gate Hinges
Gatemaster Digital Gate quick exit lock
Digital keypad lock rear view
gate closer
Gate Closer
Self Closing hinges
Self Closing Hinges
Product Details
This quick exit gate lock is designed to allow rapid exits through gates.  Designed specifically for metal gates, the unit is simple to install yet robust.  Entry from the outside is via a push button keypad.  The unit will automatically latch shut when the gate is closed by hand better still used with self closing hinges.

[] Stainless steel 16mm latchbolt which springs 22mm into the gate post
[] Supplied with bolt guide plate and gate post strike plate
[] Latchbolt is adjustable in length for precise fitting on site
[] Quick exit/key access or quick exit digital lock combinations available
[] Security shroud available to prevent access to the pad from the outside

No welding required aqnd easy to install simply drill 3 holes in the gate frame all fixing bolts are supplied.
Digital gate lock
Push plate for quick exit on gatemaster lock
measurment for the digital lock quick exit
1.   Drill 2 x 3/8” dia. holes at 3-5/8” centres  for M8 fixing bolts

2.   Drill 3/4” clearance hole for latchbolt at  7/8” centres down from the top 3/8” hole

3.   Fix lock in place using stainless steel clamp  plate, bolt support plate and 2 stainless steel   countersunk fixing bolts supplied

4.   Drill clearance hole in gate post  to receive the latchbolt.  Slot this hole  vertically to allow for gate sag

5.   Ensure latchbolt moves freely without  binding on gate or frame
Easy As to install

To Order the right Digital Lock - First choose if   LEFT  or  RIGHT  Hand lock is required.
See diagram
Next is your gate frame between 10 to 30 mm  or 40 to 60mm square.
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