m-metal lock
H metal lock in a frame
Insert lock with 100 percent stainless steel mechanism. The massive stainless steel hook and adjustable latch bolt makes this a one of the secure locks in the market place today. The combination of the hook (dead bolt/night bolt) with the corresponding keep provides a secure anchoring of your gate. These locks can be used on metal or aluminium gates or with our fully prepared steel profiles.

The smallest size steel the H-Metal locks fits into is 65 X 35
mm but I like to work with 65x50 steel mainly the 50mm wide gives me more choices.
drawing of the H metal lock

H-Metal In frame HI Security Lock

Inframe Series H-Metal LOCK

Keeper for the H-Metal lock
Sold separately

Mortise Lock - FK506 - $95.20
Not included with the Mortise lock
Handle Set
Key barrel
Cover plate
Lock Box
These are purchased separately
keep for a h metal lock
Keeper for the H-Metal lock
Sold separately

FK070 - $34.25
[] Easy left or right changing of the self-latching daybolt
[] Key-operated self-latching bolt
[] Adjustment of the latch bolt up to 20 mm continuous without dismounting the lock
[] Mechanism, hook, frontplate, latchbolt: stainless steel
[] Handles and cylinder to be ordered separately
[] Stainless steel hook for secure anchoring
[] Throw of the hook: 33 mm
[] Center-distance cylinder <=> handles => 92 mm
[] Hook in combination with the Locinox keep provides a secure anchoring
[] With coverplate for lockmechanism against dirt penetration
[] Compatible with 54 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm Europrofile cylinder
[] Cover shield for handle & cylinder holes to be ordered separately
[] Adjustable for profiles: 40 - 60 mm
[] Innovative mounting: Quick-Fix
[] Anchoring plate for hook
[] Stop plate is available in different RAL-colours Black or Alum.
[] Easy left or right changing
Keeper for the H-Metal lock
Sold separately

FK070 - $34.25
H-metal lock and keeper installed on this gate, just before the gate was about to be cladded with a metal sheet.
This shows how versatile this lock is, I made a mounting bracket out of 50x25 tapper each end and screwed it onto the timber which houses the keeper. It also shows the keeper stop making it impossible to crowbar open the lock. If you could get pass the keeper then you need to deal with the big hook - making it one of the safest locks in the world.
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