Surface Mounted Keypad

Product Details

A marine grade Digital gate lock designed for easy surface fitting to wooden or metal gates. Easy to install by simply drilling 3 holes in the gate frame and using the fixing screws supplied.  Digital gate locks are a convenient method of locking a gate as no keys are required to open it.  The code can be changed to any combination needed.

Available in 2 versions: Keypad on both sides or single keypad with rear handle

Auto-latching - close the gate and the latchbolt latches into the gate frame.  To open the gate - enter the code and turn the handle.

No power needed
    Mechanical operation, simple and easy to install

Distinctive square shape
    Fits well into traditional and contemporary gate styles

Long 30mm movement
    Latchbolt projects further into the gate post which increases security and gives more tolerance

Very quick and easy to adjust
    The Latchbolt can be adjusted in length and set to left hand or right hand in seconds

Tested to 1000 hours salt spray testing
    Confidence that the product will withstand the rigours of all weathers

No Welding required just drill 3 Holes.
1.   Drill 2 x 9mm dia. holes at 92mm centres  for M8 fixing bolts
2.   Drill 18mm clearance hole for latchbolt at  22mm centres down from the top 9mm hole
3.   Fix lock in place using stainless steel clamp  plate, bolt support plate and 2 stainless steel   countersunk fixing bolts supplied
4.   Drill clearance hole in gate post  to receive the latchbolt.  Slot this hole  vertically to allow for gate sag
5.   Ensure latchbolt moves freely without  binding on gate or frame
Gatemaster surface mounted digital lock front view
PDF file to download
Download and view tech sheet
Gatemaster surface mounted digital lock with keypad both sides
Surface mounted keypad on both sides
Main points.
The thickness of the gate 0 - 100mm Max.
Can have different codes on each keypad both sides model
Don't require electricity
Fit to existing gates only 3 holes to drill
Gatemaster surface mounted digital lock
Gatemaster surface mounted digital lock measurments
Gatemaster surface mounted digital lock rear view
select left or right lock
steel post
Range of Gate Locks
gate closer
Gate Closer
Range of gate Hinges
Easy As to install
SURFACE MOUNTED DIGITAL LOCK - Keypad only on One side - handle on the inside.

Keypad on one side - Left Hand - Code: GL096 - $304.00

Keypad on one side  - Right Hand - Code GL098 - $304.00

SURFACE MOUNTED DIGITAL LOCK - Keypad on both Sides - Front and Back.

Keypad on both sides - Left Hand - Code GL092 - $340.40

Keypad on both sides - Right Hand - Code GL094 - $340.40

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