116 Series, 90 degree corner connector
kwikclamp 90 degree corner connector
129 Series, adjustable short "T" 30-60 degree connector fittings
kwikclamp short 30 - 60 degree connector
130 Series, adjustable long "X" 30-60 degree connector fittings
30 - 60 degree connector kwikclamp
101 Series, short "T" connector fittings
short T connector kwikclamp
125 Series, 90 degree corner galv connector fittings
kwikclamp 90 degree corner connector
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Range of Hinges
Range of Gate Locks
104 Series, heavy duty long "T" galv connector fittings
kwikclamp long T
kwikclamp 40 -70 dregree elbow connector
124 Series, 40-70 degree elbow connector
128 Series, 90 degree top rail connector
kwikclamp 90 degree top rail connector
131 Series, round flange base
kwikclamp round flange base
128 Series, 90 degree top rail connector
kwikclamp 90 degree top rail connector
146 Series, side palm fixing
kwikclamp side palm fixing
149 Series, external sleeve joiner
kwikclamp external sleeve joiner
150 Series, internal sleeve joiner
kwikclamp internal sleeve joiner
173F Series, single female swivel
kwikclamp single female swivel
173M Series, single male swivel
kwikclamp single male swivel
176 Series, 4 way end connector
kwikclamp 4 way end connector
198 Series, double fixing bracket
kwikclamp double fixing bracket
199 Series, single fixing bracket
kwikclamp single fixing bracket
kwikclamp floor flange
232 Series, D48 (40NB) extra heavy galv duty flange
242 Series, toe plate base flange
kwikclamp toe plate flange
steel post
chain fencing hinges
End caps
DDA Assist 746 series - Offset Saddle 40NB pipe
kwikclamp Off set Sadle
AS1657 – the Australian Standard for the design, construction and installation of walkway and stairway barriers. Certification for panels and handrails at 2.4m post spacing for D48 (40NB) size rails, posts and fittings means that pedestrian and bikeway barriers and safety handrails can be erected at 2.4m post spacing:–

Fewer posts, fasteners and fittings
Less labour and faster installation times
Far lower total cost than other modular barrier systems that can only be used in 1800 and 2000mm wide post spacing to comply with AS1657
kwikclamp 30 to 45 degree angled Tee
KC127 Series,30 to 45 degree angled Tee
119 Series, heavy duty "X" galv connector fitting
kwikclamp 119 Series
Support wall bracket
kwikclamp wall support bracket

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