Ball Bearing Hinge Knock in for 40x40 Steel or Aluminum Tube frames
Code  HGBH350    $75.20  pair
Range of Hinges
Shackle Hinges
Adjustable Hinges
steel post
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knock in bearing fitted into 40x40 RHS
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Knock in Ball Bearing Hinge for Gates upto 400 kgs

Knock in ball bearing hinge for gates
Pair of Knock in Bearing hinges Top and Bottom
Ball Bearing Hinge Knock in for 50x50 Steel or Aluminum Tube Frames
Code  HN354    $74.95  pair
Shipping $15 - Aust Only
You must have Bearing hinges if your gate is over 2 Mts Wide, Better still all gates that use bearing hinge have the benefit of the best type of hinge on the market today, they make the gate motor work easier no drag prolonging the life of your gate motor and on small gates no binding. Simply a good choice of hinge.
free shipping offer for the knock in bearing hinge
Free Shipping only on the HN354 knockin hinge for a limited time.
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