There are many different types gate latches, deadbolts, locking latches, spring latch, magnetic latches for gates. Made from all differnet types of materials, polymer plastic, steel, stainless steel and brass. Gothic latches are still popular known as ring turn latches. There are thumb activated latch that offers a handle to grip and a lever to release the gate latch, Some thumb latches are designed offer architectural styling.
Some latches using gravity or spring action to close. We offer a service where we can powder coat your latch to most colours to suit your gate.

There are gate latches that fit round and square post and gates, there is also a range of gate latches that can be fitted to glass gates.
D-Latch - Zinc finish
Zinc Finish 
Code - FK400

plus $8 Shipping
steel post
Installing a d latch
D-Latch - Black finish
Code - FK403
plus $8 Shipping
D Latch Spring loaded
D - Latch with Spring
Zinc Finish 
Code - FK402

D-Latch spring loaded - Zinc finish

free shipping offer on the d latch black finish FK403
free shipping offer on the d latch zinc finish
free shipping offer on the D Latch with spring
Spring loaded Pad Latch
Zinc coated easily screw on

Swings shut and closes but requires to slide the bolt to open
D Latch
Zinc coated easily screw on

Material - Zinc Steel
Widely popular self closing latch when the gate is swung closed the lever drops and keeps the gate closed - also available in powder coated black.

To install use self drilling hex head screws.  
d latch for gates
padlock to use to lock your d latch on your gate

You can insert your padlock through this hole to lock your gate if needed

keypads for gates
Sliding gate motor
Range of Gate Locks

D Latch for Gates

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