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Light Duty Max 400Kg - 4M

Medium Duty Max 600Kg - 6M

Heavy Duty - Max 1200Kg - 15M

Residential Cantilever Kits

Commerical Cantilever Kits
Light Duty Max 700Kg - 5M

Medium Duty Max 1500Kg - 7M

Heavy Duty - Max 3000Kg - 14M
Cantilever Gate from the back
Cantilever Gate from the front
cantilever gate open
Cantilever gate How it works - it not a new technology been around for years.
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cantilever rollers where to go
Cantilever gate carriage
8 Wheels Cantilever Carriage
To carry a Gate Weight of Max 400Kg at 4 Mt long

$235.00 each
Cantilever sliding gates offer more advantages then sliding track over the driveway, first thing you notice there no track over the driveway, Our products range from 8 wheel roller carriages that will span 15 metres with the capacity of up to 1200 kgs, ideal for light industry and residential uses and can have all the styles and types of gate designs
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Cantilever Gate Kits