GSM - Wireless Single Station to open your gate or garage

GSM Wireless Control board
Mobile phone calling a gate to open
Cost you Nothing not a cent to open your gate or garage
You can control who has access
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GSM - Wireless Kit - 12V
ET135  $215.00
GSM Wireless Communicator   - Single Station with intercom - 12V
GSM Wireless intercom single station
Mobile icon recieving a signal from a GSM intercom
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Requires 12V power source at the gate/door

No power at the gate then purchase our solar Kit
One of many typical Scenarios after installing GSM Wireless gate opener

1. Someone turns up at the gate
2. They press the button on the intercom
3. The unit rings one of 3 numbers you enter in the unit
4. The first number does not answer the call it automatically                                                                                                                              redirect to the next number and if that does not answer then to the 3rd number
5. You answer the call and maybe your in town and it's a delivery you talk to the delivery person and tell them to leave your parcel near the door,
you press the # on your phone and the gate opens to let them in.
House recieving a signal from a GSM intercom
No distance restriction
Wireless - using the Mobile towers in your area the same as your mobile
GSM - Wireless Kit - 12V

ET220  $798.00
GSM Wireless Communicator - Single Station with intercom - Solar powered
Solar GSM for gates
Solar panel powering a GSM wireless intercom
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GSM - Wireless Kit - Solar


20W Solor Panel
10 Amp Deep cycle Battery

Wireless - using the Mobile towers in your area the same as your mobile
No distance restriction
No power at the gate then purchase our solar Kit

same features as model ET220
GSM - Mutli Station with intercom - upto 300 units
GSM Multi station looking after 300 units
Group of unit connected using GSM wireless intercom
No Wire
Save Thousand of Dollars in Wiring
Up to 300 units can use this system
GSM - Wireless Kit
Multi Station unit with Intercom

ET224  $2037.00
A person presses the unit on the intercom at the closed gate and that unit can open the gate to let the person in
Multi-Channel GSM Intercom system that includes an Access Control System that provides the most cost effective wireless multi channel intercom solution for a block of apartments or complex of units without a need of running any wires and that in addition to its comprehensive access control system.

How the Multi-Channel GSM Intercom with Access Control System  works;

For example, imagine a complex of  300 houses that have a mutual entry gate for visitors and cars.

The cost connecting each house to the entry gate's intercom is valued at thousands of dollars, not mentioning the cost of labour and maintenance that is required to keep such a system running. 

The MCI-3000 requires connections to power ONLY and allows any visitor to call each of the 330 houses in this complex, with a press of a button.

NO cost of installation, No cost of wires and the system can be set and installed within one hour !

*Requires 12 or 24 V Ac/Dc power at the gate - will release Electric strikers in Pedestrian gates or open main gates
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GSM Wireless Gate Controller

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GSM - Control you Gate with your Mobile Phone

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