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 Left hand side lifting hinge type B
 Left hand side lifting hinge type B
Right hand side lifting hinge
 Left hand side lifting hinge
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Do this simple measurement  Use 1 of these 2 illustration below

A  Place a straight line or a level, place one end on the ground bring the line or level horizontal mark the post with a pencil.

(The length from touching the ground and the post
green line will be one your gate in an open position.)

B Measure down to the bottom of the post  and that's it

With this measurement
B and the width of your gate A I am able to work out the angle for your new rising hinges. Do this to both sides just incase they are different.  (By the way I also need the height of your Gate too)
Rising hinges on a gate
rising hinges fitted to a gate incorrtly
Rising Hinges attached to one of our DIY Frames
Sometimes know as Lift Hinges.
A Line is the length of the gate in an open position
Side View
Use a level or laser to get a level line
Any where up the post will do
Measure the distance down closes to the post first
For a Double set of gates measure 1 leaf width  and do the same.
A double gate has 2 gates called leafs

So what we need is
1. Your measurement
A to the ground 
2. Your measurement
B to the ground (this point is the very end of your gate in an open position)

So I need 3 Measurments
A and B and the height of your Gate
Total Width of one of your Gates in an open position 
Side View
Level line
Up Hill
Up Hill
You can string a level line any where up the post or pillar
OR you try this way of working out your angle of gate
Take better
care when selecting lift hinges
This is more like it
the gate open to the angle as the land
Also available Commical Heavy Duty Rising hinges for Heavy gates.
Left Side only
P/N HN485
Right Side Only
P/N HN490
Complete Kit
Left and Right
Hint - Standing where you can see the hinges that's where we get left or right.
Round post rising hinges
Rising Hinges for Round post

Custom made $220 pair

Post 89mm and the frame of the gate is 34mm.

Top Hinge
Bottom Hinge
Top Hinge
Bottom Hinge
arrows100 arrows101
77 mm
122 mm
We are now offering 2 Models of rising hinges and they are available off the shelf ready to be shipped the same day.

This Table shows the Gate Width first then height (900 Width x1800 Height) Column A is the A type hinge and B is the other.
Please note these measurements are based on gate we build some gate made can sag or had too much heat applied during welding they bow.

The Numbers in Column A and B is the lift of the gate at the opposite end to the hinge side of the gate and the numbers are in millimeters

900x1800 36 97
900x1600 48 116
900x1400 61 135
900x1200 85 167
900x1000 103 213
1000x1800 47 107
1000x1600 59 128
1000x1400 75 155
1000x1200 93 191
1000x1000 125 242
1100x1800 58 122
1100x1600 95 144
1100x1400 115 172
1100x1200 139 211
1100x1000 160 266
1200x1800 65 137
1200x1600 74 154
1200x1400 89 170
1200X1200 112 212
1200X1000 144 265
1300x1800 76 150
1300x1600 86 172
1300x1400 109 209
1300x1200 136 253
1300x1000 242 425
1500x1800 90 179
1500x1600 116 211
1500x1400 135 242
1500x1200 159 297
1500x1000 199 366
1600x1800 103 191
1600x1600 119 223
1600x1400 144 265
1600x1200 177 320
1600x1000 215 386
1700x1800 107 208
1700x1600 131 236
1700x1400 154 284
1700x1200 189 341
1700x1000 229 407
1800x1800 120 219
1800x1600 144 245
1800x1400 162 296
1800x1200 206 357
1800x1000 247 446
2800x1800 205 362
2800x1600 235 418
2800x1400 282 489
2800x1200 333 562
2800x1000 415 699
3000x1800 224 387
3000x1600 265 442
3000x1400 302 521
3000x1200 352 612
3000x1000 483 746
Width x Height
Width x Height
Width x Height
Type A Model rising hinges
see table below
Both Sides
Complete Kit
Left and Right
P/N HN491
Type B Model rising hinges
see table below
All the Numbers are in Millimeters in the above table
rising gate logo
A or B
Select the size of your gate as close as you can in the above table and check to see if Model A or Model B rising hinge will lift your gate enough -

Remember to allow a clearance under your gate, normally 50mm is the average.
Left Side only
P/N HN493
Both Sides
Complete Kit
Left and Right
P/N HN495
Right Side Only
P/N HN497
Model - A
Model - B
Model - B
Model - B
Model - A
Model - A
Rising hinges can lift gates that weigh upto 120 kgs

Helpful Hints on Installation of Lift hinges or Rising Hinges

Don't Mount the Motor below this line
Let the Gate Motor pull the gate up.
The Only type of Gate Motor that works properly on Rising Hinges are
Folding Arm Gate Motors
Forward pushing arm
Fig. 1
When installing Rising or Lift Hinges remember to fit your gate motor at the highest point of the lift.  see Fig. 1
image you can pull a weight up to your chest above your chest requires twice the power. 
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Rising Hinges are designed for Driveway gates, they don't stay open. If they are to be used manually (without a gate motor) you need a catcher or chain to hold open the gate. 
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Rising Hinges

180 mm

Pin Size of the hinge is 19mm
280 mm

Pin Size of the hinge is 19mm
** Measurement shown are at 90 Degrees from close to open.
Rising hinges fitted to a DIY Fame
Rising hinges in an open position
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