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Our Task was to provide a sliding gate wide enough to access the garage and a swing gate to store his newly purchased boat to the side on the right hand side of the garage. The swing gate was to be secure, and at the same time both gates to be opened to allow the boat to be reversed in on an angle. 

The opening was 13 Meters, we had only 6 m to the left and 1.3 m to the right.

WE did it.
1. The Bi-folding gate is folded and stored inwards
2. To close the bi-fold simply pull the gate
3. As the gate is pulled it folds out
4. When the gate is fully extended simply drop the gate bolts into the holes provided, this makes the bi-folding gate sturdy and can remain in this position until it's needed to be open again. 
5. The Finished product - As you can see the client can use the remote to open the Electric sliding gate and their garage door in a every day function whilst the bi-folding gate remains closed until needed. Priced $7,456.00

Gates - Special Design Gates - Bi Folding plus sliding gate combine.

Bi-folding Doors or Gates
No room either side now you have an option
This is Drawing is to give a better overview how it works
This Gate was designed to open for pedestrian on game day then open to allow Cars then with both gate in full open position be able to accommodate large vehicles
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