Lever handle set in brass
Side view of an installation of a Lokk Latch
laky lock
Lokk Latch Deluxe

lokk latch pro
Lokk Latch Pro - Self Locking
This lock is commercial strength - ideal for apartments, commercial and other security application.
This lock will self lock and requires a key to open
$130.57 P/N FK426
No drilling the push rod runs from back to front on the side.
Note.. Locking the push button does not unlock the main latch on the opposite side

P/N FK420
Showing how to install lokk latch series 2
Lokk Latch Series 2
Lokk Latch Series 2

lock for round post
round post latch
Lokk Latch round post latch

Now Available any number of Lokk Latch Deluxe with the same key lock only $93.00 each
Part Number FK430 -
$94.00 each

Lokk Latch Deluxe - Keyed Alike
FK436    Keyed Different  $88.00
Lokk Latch Magnetic Chrome Trim
FK437    Keyed Aliked  $108.00
Chrome Handle Trim Model
FK438    Keyed Different  $88.00
FK439    Keyed Aliked  $108.00
locinox lakq lock
Fitting jig is included
lockable on both sides
front and back look at a gate lock
You need to drill one main hole through the post Wood or steel to connect the two units for full functionality
This lock will lock and unlock the whole unit from both sides.
This is my preferred Gate lock in most cases.

Keyed different means is it opened by its own unique key that does not open any other lock. But if you want to buy more then one lokk latch deluxe then Keyed Alike is a better solution.

Lokk Latch Deluxe - Keyed Different
  P/N FK425
Front of the Gate
Back of the Gate
Round post latch
This lock works on gate with gaps of up to 50mm
Fence posts from 48 - 50 - 60 and 73mm
Gate frame from 35 and 41

$88.00 P/N FK428
Locinox Locks 
Lakq Lock H2
Ideal for  Ornamental Gates or Wrought Iron Gates 

Aluminium lockbox powdercoated in Matt black. Stainless steel internals
Left or right
Throw of 20mm one key turn
Colour Black only
$193.11   P/N  FK445

Handle Only
round post latch
Gatesplus supplies locks for Sliding gates, swing gates ranging from the basic gate lock to the Ornamental or Wrought Iron Gates, they can be keyed and if requiring more then one lock we can supply keyed alike,  
Lokk Latch Magnetic Black Trim
Lokk Latch Magnetic Brushed Chrome Trim
Black Handle Trim Model
Brushed Chrome Handle Trim Model
Lock and unlock from Both Sides
FK434    Keyed Different  $88.00
FK435    Keyed Aliked  $108.00

Gate Locks with Keys

Pedestrian gate locks

locinox lakq lock
locinox gate lock
Lokk Latch Deluxe
Fitted here on a Driveway double gate - Handle is an extra item $8.86 P/N FK222

LOKKLatch Magnetic - A Gate Lock for Timber or Steel
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