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Infrared beam security beam sensor. (Waterproof)
the PE sensor is safety beam sensor, Are used on gates and garages opening systems
to stop the gates from closing on a car, person or objects,
Detection technology: Infrared
Range: 15m
Frequency: 1.92Khz
Power: 12-24V AC/DC
Wave Length: 940mm
Input: RX 15mA, TX 30mA
Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees
Relay output: 1Amp max 30V
Dimension: 49.2 x 76 21mm
Please note:
The range give above may vary
according to the
site environment
conditions and
according to the weather

PowerGater2 Sliding Gate Motor - DC

Max Gate -  Length - 10 Meters   Weight - 600kg   (over 1/2 Tonne)

No Need for mains (240V) power at the Gate site each Sliding gate Motor  Kit includes 15V power supply.
Run low voltage wire up to 50 Meters to your nearest 240V outlet.
Running low Voltage wire is safe and can be even stapled along the fence line or run it in conduit just under the ground.

Models come in 12V DC, 24V DC or 12V solar.

No live 240V running into the Sliding gate opener - Better safe than sorry
Warranty - 24 Months (extended 12 Months by Gatesplus)

Kit contains..

Sliding Gate Motor
3 x Remotes
4M Racking

Sliding Gate Motors

Sliding gate Motor Kit
P/N MOT002    $710.00  - Plus $50 Delivery Australia-wide
Gate Remote in the hand
Sliding gate opener
emergency release
Gate Motor
Side view of a motor
underneath look at the gate motor
Gate Motor Control Board
Fantastic long range
Remote, small but very powerful
Back Up Battery
Gate still works if there is a Power  Blackout
State of the Art
Electrical components
Compact and Strong Cast Base
Keyed Emergency
PowerGater2 Kit includes
Sliding Gate Opener
3 x Remotes
4M Racking
Back-up Battery
Water-Proof Transformer
PowerGater 2

Sliding Gate Motor (DIY Kit)

Special Low quite gear wheel
Extra Remote - you get 3 not 2
50M of 2.5mm Wire - No need to run around and purchase wire.
Plus an Extra 12 Months warranty.
Offer available till 30/2/14
racking for sliding gate
Need Extra Racking ?
Letron gate
Infrared safety beams
$59.00 -   P/N  ET405
Installation Manual for the Powergater2 
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