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Gate Accessories for DIY gates
Sliding gate Wheel
Sliding gate guide roller
DIY Sliding Gate Motor
Sliding gate motor
DIY Swing Gate Motor
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A complete range of DIY fencing, steel gate frames, sliding gates, driveway gates, gate accessories and DIY gate motor kits are available!

Buy a DIY gate frame and we can install your gate, and you can add the timber! Available only in Melbourne area.

If you live within 500 mtrs of the sea, you need to have your DIY fate frame or your DIY fence panel welded with bronze silicone! This adds an extra charge to all DIY products.

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DIY Gate Frames

Due to the incredible demand we are unable to quote or take any more request for Gate Frames for at least 8 Weeks - Sorry for any inconvenience. We must be doing something right. Just can't make the fast enough for the demand.

Management - Gatesplus

Gate Post, DIY Sliding Gate Kit are available for people who want to make their own
gate frame.
DIY Sliding Gate Kits
sliding gate kit