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Chain fencing Hinges

65mm chain fencing hinge
100mm chain fence hinge
50mm chain fence hinge
80mm chain fence hinge
Post Gate Each Part Number Sold Single
not pairs
80mm 25mm $13.85    
80mm 32mm $14.35    
80mm 40mm $18.35    
Post Gate Each Part Number Sold Single
not pairs
40mm 25mm $9.40    
40mm 32mm $11.76    
Sold as Each not Pairs
Rural Gate or Chain Fencing gate hinges sometimes known as Cyclone chain hinges or fencing hinges are designed for strength and durability, they are hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance, they attach to steel or timber post.

Each Chain link hinge comes as two Interlocking parts to make one Hinge complete with bolts, These Round post hinges fit a wide range of post.

Self Closing round post hinges
farm gate
Post Gate Each Part Number Sold Single
not pairs
50mm 25mm $11.15    
50mm 32mm $12.10    
Post Gate Each Part Number Sold Single
not pairs
65mm 25mm $13.10    
65mm 32mm $13.50    
Post Gate Each Part Number Sold Single
not pairs
100mm 25mm $18.70    
100mm 32mm $18.70    
100mm 40mm $21.95    
round post gate hinge
chain fence hinge
dimenstion of a wire gate hinge
Post/Gate A B C
40/25 150 60 40
40/32 159 66 40
50/25 163 64 40
50/32 172 70 40
65/25 177 74 40
65/32 185 78 40
80/25 192 80 40
80/32 200 85 40
80/40 207 88 40
100/25 215 93 40
100/32 231 94 40
100/40 235 105 40
Adjustable hinge
For use with two part hinges

Adjustable hinge pin for Bottom
Hinge - 2 Sizes 25 & 32mm NB
80mm chain fence hinge top
Farm gate with hinges
bottom hinge with pin
To fit

25mm NB Long Pin
P/N - HN028

32mm NB Long Pin
P/N HN030

* Includes Nylon Sleeve
* Adapts to many pipe wall thickness
* Self Lubricating and UV stabilized
* Suits 25 and 32 NB Light or Extra lite Galvanized Pipe

3 Parts are required to complete this type of Hinge system
2 x chain fence round hinges
1 x Adjustable hinge pin for the bottom hinge
NB - Nominal Bore is the inner diameter of the pipe the wall thickness does not change the inside diameter
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Cyclone Fencing hinges

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